Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Website ( Please take care to read our Privacy Policy, which applies every time you visit the site even if you only browse and make use of its services without purchasing anything.

Titolare dei trattamenti

Ayfee SRL – VIA DANUBIO, 71 – 50019 SESTO FIORENTINO (FI) has exclusive responsibility for deciding the aims and means of data treatment and the security procedures adopted to guarantee the privacy, integrity and availability of the data collected.

Collection of personal information

MASKLOVEME collects information from its customers principally through:
– The registration form which customers fill in voluntarily. This information is necessary for processing their orders.
– Return data from the emails and direct communications which we send periodically to registered customers.

Optional and Obligatory information

MaskLoveMe will specify, with regard to each separate request for personal information, whether providing this information is obligatory or optional. Some of the information which MaskLoveMe asks you to provide is necessary for carrying out the operation in question, in which case it will be marked as obligatory with an asterisk (*). Other information may be requested which is not marked obligatory; providing this information is optional.
If you fail to provide information marked obligatory it may not be possible for MaskLoveMe to carry out the operation requested: for example, it may be impossible to complete an online purchase from
Providing additional information not marked obligatory is optional and has no effect on the outcome of the operation for which the information is being collected.


MaskLoveMe uses a permanent cookie to recognize customers when they visit the Website so as to be able to personalize their experience. The cookie can be deactivated by the normal procedure available on more recent browsers. However, we advise you not to deactivate it because this would make it hard for us to provide you with the best service possible. In addition to the cookie already mentioned, MaskLoveMe may also occasionally use other temporary cookies to manage the user session more efficiently, except during online payment when all your data are handled and NOT memorized by our bank. If the cookies on the browser are deactivated, certain operations may not be technically possible, including accepting customers’ orders.

Use of Personal Data

The personal information we collect is used principally for two purposes: to carry out your purchase orders and to suggest products and services in line with your needs, tastes and preferences. On the whole, the more information we collect over time, the better the service we can offer. Since this does not involve any risk to you and guarantees full respect of your privacy, occasional visits to our website and receiving the emails we send can be seen as a free and automatic way of helping you with your shopping choices.

Sharing your personal data with third parties

MASKLOVEME does not share customer personal data with third parties.

Access to Personal Information by Customers

It is possible to request the complete cancellation of the account, but this prevents then from placing orders unless a new registration.

Trattamento dei dati personali

Sensitive personal data is treated according to the terms of Privacy Law ART. 13 OF THE EUROPEAN REGULATION (UE) 2016/679.